Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome back!

I can't believe it has been so long, summer is over and school starts once again. Just one year left for me though! Two degrees in three years isnt a bad deal, means im out a year before most to start things my way!

I have been terribly busy this summer! I have sewn a ton and made all sorts of things!
Big news first though! I have opened an etsy shop, and soon it will be full of all sorts of fun vintage and handmade items! Its sure to be a place for everyone to find something they like, and I'll be sure to update as soon as my first item is posted for sale!

On to the summer, it went by so fast really. With Steamcon only a little while away I have been working hard to make sure everything here is ready to go, and I have been working with the some wonderful Toy Soldier friends to make sure the Dr.Steel booth at Steamcon will run at its very best!

Here is what i have been working on this summer:

Garden of live flowers front

garden of live flowers back

Headphones side 1

Headphones side 2

Ray gun

Pillbox hat

Airship pirate

TSU formal 90%

TSU formal 90%

TSU formal Front with jacket

Steampunk compact

steampunk necklace

Those are just the things I have photos of! I also had a trade commission for 4 bustle pillows, and have an order coming in for atleast 250 pinback buttons for the table at Steamcon!

School starts on Monday! More to come!

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