Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unhinge your bones with your skeleton keys

Happy Halloween! Rocky Horror was great, and today was nice and calm after all the busy I had on Saturday! Better update tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Busy weekend! Better update on Sunday of all my shenanigans! Till then, a blog that I cannot belive I haven't posted!

I love Alice in Wonderland, it is an obsession! This is only a portion of my Alice collection. I have stuff all over that is Alice.
alice books

I love pretty much anything that is Alice, or can relate to Alice. Except the new Tim Burton one. I don't like that one. He made Alice so helpless, and that stupid dance at the end killed it. Way to much hype for not enough pay off. Anyway, here are some Alice images/things I love/wish list of mine:

And a photo I took of one of my oldest copys of Alice:
 Image above © Gianna Morrill/Kuriio

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kuriio Updates!

Four more items in the shop!

Treasure hunting!

Skipped my second class today and went to a couple thrift stores instead! Halloween is the best time for thrifting, all the stores around here bring out their weird/vintage items. We also went to a wonderful little hole in the wall flea market!

At the flea market, I got a locket:

Some vintage fans:

And some trinkets:

At the thrift store i got:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Busy day! I had to try three stores for a fabric I have been using for a client, and still no luck! Thankfully my client can get some in his city. Darn Halloween stealin all my fabric!
Rocky Horror Glee Show was tonight, I love Glee and RHPS, and this one was fantastic!!
Gotta work more tomorrow, and I have a Halloween party! Any excuse to dress up right? I'll get a couple photos!

Till then, some of my favorites I found this week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Fall Days

Long class days mean trying to entertain myself during the 4 hours i have between classes. Today I went home to hangout and had lunch. Mom was baking bread and drying apple slices! It made the house smell like fall!

 Images © Kuriio/Gianna Morrill

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New in the shop! Handspun yarns!

 More handspun yarn posted in the shop! I'll have some new vintage items up later in the week!

Thrifting, Baking and Being Busy!

Its been a long weekend! I am one week closer to Steamcon, and one project less! Every time I finish a client project is the best feeling. We are getting so close, and I can't wait to see all the work pay off!

My dad got his major Steamcon project done this past week, Dr.Steel in steel! Its for propaganda and its going to be amazing sitting on the Toy soldiers table! More on my Flickr

Steel in steel front

I also went to Vallue Village on Friday! I hadn't been in a couple weeks, which is long for me. I got a really pretty green scarf, a kinda creepy cool boot/train vase, and some pokemon sheets (dont laugh, they are awesome!).

I did a lot of cleaning and photo taking this weekend, I felt like everything needed cleaned! I got photos of some more things to put on Etsy, they should be up this evening and tomorrow.

I also got a chance today to try out a recipe of Bakerella's. I really want to make some cake pops but I dont have much time lately to try those types of things. So i made these:
Well, those are hers, mine didn't look as pretty, they tasted awesome though! These are her Mini Maple Pancake Muffins. They are really quick and easy too!

These are mine. I filled them to full, and had to cook them longer. They were done but they didn't ever get nice and golden brown like hers. Well better luck next time, they sure tasted good!

Halloween is next week! I am really excited for that, it's my favorite holiday. Next week will be full of fun, with the Rocky Horror Glee show, Graphic Design Halloween party, a midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a dress up day at the museum.

Lots of fun things! Can't wait!