Monday, October 4, 2010

Unintentional treasure hunting.

After the Terrain opening on Friday, which was a completely amazing and staying up till 2 AM, I got up at 8 in the morning to meet the rest of my family at my Great-Grandparents house on the other side of town. My Great-Grandpa passed a little while ago, and since then my Great-Grandma has moved in with my Grandma. They have been slowly going through the main floor of the house to figure out what is going to move and eventually be sold.

My Great-Grandpa was a Jeweler. The whole basement of the house was where all the jewelry, stones, machines, etc was for years. So all the family got together to move out all the stones and everything business related. There was so much! He had collected huge amounts of raw stones over the years, processed a ton of them, but even after passing, there was so much hiding in his basement.

Everyone in our family was aloud to ask to have something if they came across something in the basement that was of interest. Well I got a couple of things of sentimental value, a couple things for my Etsy shop, and way back in a corner of a cabinet was a box of old costume jewelry.

I got to have his trunk from when he was in the military (he lied about his age to join at about 16!), and an old fabric measuring tape that belonged to him. Plus this completely blank record book.

A few things for My Shop

And all this. I spent a whole evening cleaning everything up.
There were some beautiful pieces, and a lot of parts of pieces, one of a set of earrings, etc. All of it is going to be either kept and worn, or turned into another piece of jewelry and added to my Etsy shop.
I am so excited for all of this and can't wait to start working on some new things! What a way to unintentionally treasure hunt!

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