Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Steamcon photos!

As promised, a bit late.... More photos of me and, some of my favorites from Steamcon 2010!

Mom and Dad in their Toy Soldier Gear

Stilt guy! (I want power risers like those!)

Great Costuming

Fire dancer at Abney Park Concert

Tons of uniform soldiers

More awesome costumes

League of S.T.E.A.M

This hat is amazing!

Atrium at night. Yes that is in doors.

Sgt. Brain

Me and Panda!

Parents in their great costuming!

Budgie, my sis, and I in our TSU uniforms


Budgie's amazing button blanket!

Victorian Women

Sgt. Brain's Wings

Steampunk Geisha

Ghost lady?

Wind-up girls

Red fork guy...?

Butterfly costume

Most photos here not taken by me, most of them I pulled from the Steamcon 2010 Flickr group. I was way to busy, I didn't have much time to take any of my own!

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