Sunday, November 14, 2010

Treasure, 4 days, and Vacation!

I have slowed down a lot this week, on both my etsy and my blog. Gearing up for Steamcon II has been taking over everything! So from now till next Monday. I am officially putting the blog and the Etsy store on vacation! I will try to update both during that time, but no guarantees! I'll check both while I am gone, to make sure I message anyone that may buy something within that time. I'll make sure to post a ton of photos and talk about everything when I get back!

In other news, we went again this Saturday to my Great Grandparents old house to help clean more. While it overwhelmed a lot of my family (there was a lot in the place) the whole thing didnt seem to bother me. We did a ton of cleaning, and made it almost ready to estate sale everything that wasnt kept or moved with my Great Grandmother.

I got some fun smaller things, mostly for jewelry making and such:

I also got a wood crate with great graphics, a vase, and a army bag:

Plus these, they are my very favorites:

Today I went to my Boyfriends family get togeather, and that was a good time! Tomorrow it is back to school and finishing up some more projects for Steamcon II!!

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