Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Thrifting!

Another busy weekend! Skipped school on Friday to work, and Saturday was full of awesomeness! Mom and I met with the Knitting Ladies on Saturday to go thrifting, and go to lunch. It was an all day affair, but so worth it! We went to Value Village, and a couple more local thrift stores, plus lunch at The Elk Public House. So good!

Awesome vintage domed frame. The dried flowers were a plus too, all in one piece! For now at least, I plan on putting something in it eventually.

Another train baby vase! I love these things, they are a terrible addiction. Sometime I'll have to post a photo of all the ones I have so far. It's so weird how collections manifest themselves. It always starts with one right?

Awesome, awesome, wool plaid button up shirt. Very Coco (Chanel) in her yearly years. Mom and I are "sharing" this one.

Another Alice book! Most the time, Alice manifests itself in threes. This time I broke it, I bought this necklace on Etsy, then the book showed up, but nothing came up as a third this time.

This...well I don't know what it was, or was supposed to be, but it is going to be skirts. Its a good cotton, with elastic already in it, easy and a great silhouette for a skirt. Plus IU am going to try my hand at some dying and embellishing on a couple of them. It should make 4-5 skirt I think. So thats a lot of playing! Some will go to my Etsy too!

I love full skirts. My problem is, full skirts are always to long, or mostly just not quite the way I want them. So most the time I find broomstick skirts that are in good condition and chop them in half. Then make a new waistband for the bottom and they are perfect. Nice full, above the knee skirts! That is what this one is going to turn into.
The fact that I was brought up thrifting, and learning to make old into new is something I am so happy my parents did. I love the hunt in the thrift store, and I love the product when I have made it my own. Vintage and used items have history, and that makes them even better.

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