Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well! Just about 5 days until Christmas, that means I have been busy! Plus with a friend from Texas in town, Birthday Lunch for another friend, an Interview, and more Etsy sales than I have been used to, its going to be a great week!

I feel like while I have gotten a lot done, I do feel like I have been neglecting the blog and the shop a little. It has been hard to keep up with everything when my natural flow of school and everything has been disrupted so much! I have worked on a few things this week though!

I did some dyeing this week, and got some great results! Look for this one in the shop soon!

I also played with my findings and such again this week. Each time I play, I feel like its getting easier for me to put these together without so much though and over thinking of everything!

I did a ton of drum carding of fiber this weekend. Way more then what is pictured. I did these for a project I am doing for the Toy Soldier army. I wanted to make roving inspired by Dr.Steel, then spin it and knit it into something.

See, I told you I did a lot,  I actually did this pile times two, because I carded a ton for my mom also! 

Its turning into such pretty yarn already! Look for it in the shop soon as well!

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