Monday, October 11, 2010


 I understand it only comes around once every forever, but it was just another day for me.

One of our local thrift stores moved, so I went to the new location on Sunday. There was a lot of neat stuff, some over priced, some decent. I only got one thing, but it is awesome!

(Wow, someone needs to teach me not to take photos at night in my room, they are terrible!)

We also went to Goodwill, I don't go there much but I am sure glad I went when I did!

I got a sweater:

With POODLES on it. It's amazing.

Then I went home and worked on stuff for my client and stuff for me. Mostly stuff for me. And my desk exploded.

And I made myself these:

For being any other day, I guess my 10.10.10 wasn't to bad!

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