Monday, November 22, 2010

Steamcon 2 Part 1

Well, I am back, and all I have to say is WOW. Steamcon 2010 was amazing! Its monday, and I am still dealing with Con hangover.

Getting there on thursday was so nice. We got our regular Seattle things (i.e Uwajamiyas and Ikea) done on thursday and had the rest of the evening to gear up and prepair for Friday! Went to the Landing Party on Thurdsay for a little while, met some of the others and some volunteers, then went back to the hotel room to repair some things and fold propaganda!

 Friday started good. A bit slow, with opening ceremonies at 11 and the mercantile opening at noon. We waited by the door for the vendors to open, and I am sure glad we did. After I bought what I did, I only went back inside that room once for the rest of the weekend! It was so packed! Went to a couple panels, and talked to a ton of people. Geoff from TSU showed up a bit after noon on Friday, and set up what he had at the Dr.Steel table. I spent a good amount of time there with him, propagandizing and hanging out with people. Panda and Cutter (friends I made at the first Steamcon) came by later.
Panda tried to squish my guts out with a hug!
Me and Panda!

After a quick dinner and some more coffee, I let myself into the sound check for the dance (Panda was spinning that night) and had a ton of shenanigans there! Lots of dancing and running about! There wasn't many people for the Friday dance, but I had a ton of fun anyway! They played the time warp about midnight, and everyone left in the room got up to dance to it! It was great, they also played some Dr.Steel and that was awesome! The event staff shut the dance down around 1:30 am(lame, cause it was supposed to go till 2am) and hangout with Panda and Cutter just a bit more before Alena and I made the long walk back to the hotel room.

Saterday and Sunday blog about Steamcon tomorrow with a heck of a lot more photos.
Also photos here and here from the con, if you just can't wait till I update more tomorrow!

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