Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Steamcon 2 part 2

Saterday started early. About 8 am, and that was not enough sleep! But I downed some coffee and got ready because I needed to be at the booth with the propaganda and stuff around 10. I set up the best I could with what I had with me, and propagandized till everyone showed up. Finally around 11 most everyone showed up and we scrambled to get the table put together quickly. I do say, for we did a dang good job too! We had propaganda, FUN cards, buttons, bookmarks, and awesome chocolate(thanks Emily and Roman)! Fritz also showed up with all the other soldiers, and costumes in tow.
Geoff adjusting banners
Alexandria and her family. Alexandria and the kids are all wearing something that I helped make for Fritz.
Ugly also tried to help with booth set up and ended up falling into the velcro!
Geoff and I salute someone (I was lazy and didn't stand up)

We were only a couple tables down from the League of S.T.E.A.M. and that ment zombies, and shenanigans! At one point the zombie got loose for a brief moment and scared the kids! It made us all jump cause his collar started to make car alarm type noises!
You can see Alexandria's yellow feather from her hat in the background where we were.

I spent a lot of time at the TS table on Saturday. Went to a couple panels and saw a ton of awesome costumes!

At some point this little girl had us laughing so hard, cause she had a magic wand with a magnet in the top, and slapped it on to the Dr.Steel head dispencer!
Geoff is playing with his phone in the background :D
We also needed to bribe Captain Robert of Abney Park into making an announcment a the concert that night. The keg was custom done, and presented to him by the Toy Soldiers. It had "water" in it.
A sideways Captain Robert and Ugly (Will fix later when my computer isn't arguing with me)
We packed up the table around 5 or so, so everyone had a chance to eat and get ready for the concert and evening stuffs. We ate at the Hilton restaurant, and while my food was good, my poor dad and the restaurant staff didn't really see eye to eye on his drink or his steak.

Alena and I got ready for the dance and headed to the hotel that was hosting it (across the street from the other). Ran into Cutter on the way there, and we all agreed that the formal dance looked dumb. So we sat around and talked for about two hours before Panda was going to started to spin at the dance, or I needed to be thinking about going to the concert. The dance was awesome! About midnight, right after doing the time warp, Geoff was nice enough to come get me, letting me know that Abney Park was going to be on next. So I went back with him to the concert in the other hotel. They didn't go on stage when planned, and we were all standing around waiting, so I booked it back to the dance! Got to dance a couple more songs, and then escorted my sis to our hotel, and ran back to the concert! Got there with a little time to spare to hear Abney park play before the announcment. Captain Robert announced Emily and Roman's engagement!

Captain Robert and his Keg during the announcement at the concert!
After that I ran back over to the dance for a little bit more, (it was already 1:30am) and sat and hungout with Panda while he Spun for about an hour more.

After all that, and a great deal more exercise than normal, (going between the concert and the dance consisted of a few fights of stairs, a handful of hallways and a single street) I got back the the room around 3am or so!

We didn't stay long on Sunday, just enough to pack up, say some goodbyes, and pre-reg for Steamcon 2011! We registered so early our badge numbers are in the first 20! That I am nerd-ily happy about! We made it over the pass just in time, cause of the snow!
Long story(and a lot of typing)short, the con was a blast. And while I might have done some things a little diffrent, I had so much fun and met such great people! I am aready planning and counting down till next year!

More photos in my next blog from the Steamcon! The costumes were all so amazing, but my computer and blogger seem to be disagreeing with me uploading more. So a full on photo post from the Con tomorrow (hopefully)!

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